Camping Relax 
Haller Luxemburg

Camping Relax received the Ecolabel in 2014. What does Ecolabel mean for our company: Ecolabel helps us to implement requirements in key areas to protect our environment and our sustainability. 


The management of Camping Relax strives in the future, together with the help of staff and guests, to make improvements in the protection of the environment.


The following measures have already been taken:


  • Waste separation works well and customers can place all waste residues as well as oil in special containers. Only a small part of the residual waste remains. 
  • Our swimming pool is almost entirely heated by absorbers on the roof by means of Solar heat. 
  • The lighting at the campsite and in the rental housing has been converted to LED.
  • We collect rainwater to water the plants, trees, hedges and flowers. The watertaps have been equipped with perlators to save water.
  • The roof of the main building has been replaced by a better insulated roof. 
  • Permanent campers may, after the necessary safety measures, install pellet stoves and thus heat more energy friendly. 
  • The restaurant ''Gudde Kascht'' attaches great importance to regional, seasonal cuisine. Fair Trade Zone, organic food, buying local dishes, growing our own vegetables and salad herbs in our own greenhouse, as well as exciting dishes with always new surprise recipes for everyone, with and without meat or fish. The chef is a member of the ''Mellerdaller Producers''. 
  • We have replaced all oil heating by gas heating. 
  • We pay attention to biodegradable substances when cleaning, washing and maintaining the site. 
  • Upon arrival, the customer is informed about helping to protect our environment. We ask our guests to respect our nature and natural resources. We are grateful for help in sparingly dealing with the consumption of water, gas and electricity, and separating all waste products.